How Do You Give A Birthday Party When Your Kid Is A Hip Hop Dancer

Dancers are a special group of people. While there are a lot of genres of dance, when it is time to party, you will see a lot of hip hop. This is one form of dance is primarily male dominating it is Hip Hop.

Party time

When your son is a hip hop dancer, birthday parties can be a challenge. Dancers of all ages have to be careful of what they put in their bodies. Because they are so active, it is not calories that are a concern, it is the way their bodies react to the fuel introduced.


Set up a veggie and dip buffet. Use creative containers and trays. All you will need is a 6-foot long table and a table cloth. The food on the table is all healthy. Instead of providing birthday cake, fill a punch bowl with a wide selection of candy. Buy your candy from an online bulk candy store good mixture of sugar-free, fat-free, gluten and even kosher candies.   


Stage all of your foods and candies in various size trays or vases and scoops. Use a table covering and you can make a great backdrop with fabric, lights, flowing ribbons or helium balloons.


All the members of the group have a dance bag you know what you need for hip hop. When it comes to dancers needs, they can never have too many dance supplies. But for friends that are not into dance here is a list of suggested items:


  • A nice bag
  • Dance pants
    • Designed for dance
    • Some hip hop dancers wear jeans
  • Tee shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Dance shoes
    • Hip hop sneakers are made to be used on the dance floor
  • Sweatshirts, hoodies, and stylish caps
  • Leg warmers
  • Towles
  • Water bottles


You need somewhere special to have your child’s party. Not many of us have rooms with an area large enough for dancers. Consider renting the dance studio for the evening, or renting a clubhouse with a dance floor. You can also check with your local performing arts studio. They always need funds and may be willing to rent out the auditorium and stage.


Set up a DJ booth. Let the kids have time to DJ the music. Consider renting a photo booth. Make sure you choose a venue with a big enough space for many dancers.


Don’t forget to buy treat bags so everyone can take some of that candy home with them. You can pick them up anywhere.

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