Release Stress And Worry – Have Faith In The Journey

It’s been quite some time since I last sat down to write. I used to write all of the time and found it healing in many ways. Not only was it a good way to express all of the thoughts and emotions that would run through my mind, but it was also a healthy way for me to release and let it all go. Lately, my busy mom life has taken over and I’ve been more consumed with work, kids, side projects, friends, and health concerns that I haven’t really focused on taking the much needed time for myself to help keep balanced. I intend to change that and hope that this first blog post will help lure me back to a place where I found healing and comfort, hoping to give you the same.

When I first thought about what it was that I wanted to write on, I went with what consumes me the most. Stress and worry. I’ve tried to be better lately but the fact of the matter is, it’s not easy and it tends to creep its way back into my thoughts.

This is not to say that extraordinary things don’t happen in my life because they do, many of them. However, I think many of us tend to focus more on our fear than we do our joy, assuming that we can use it to shield us from pain. That it will somehow protect us from hurt when, in fact, it does the opposite.

Despite all of the amazing things that have happened in my life over the last few years, and even after all of the miracles I have witnessed and lessons I have learned through my life experiences, I still worry and stress about life more than is good for my soul. As a mother of three who also works full time to help support her family, I continuously worry about my children, the future, our well-being, and our overall happiness on top of the everyday stressors of the office, home, finances, my health, relationships, and life in general. Some days are easier than others but most are dominated by fear.

As the years go by I notice just how precious and fragile life really is. The older I get, the more I worry because I am more aware of all that could possibly go wrong. However, the older I get, the stronger and more powerful my faith becomes, the easier it is for me to let go and let God, slow down, take deep breaths, put one step in front of the other, and call on my higher power to help guide me and send me signs of comfort and confirmation. We all have angels that are here to help us through hardships and heartache and to give us strength and comfort in times of fear and doubt. The trick is to settle the mind.

I suppose we all fear. It’s part of being human. Fear is an emotion and emotions let us know that we’re alive. The trick is to not let our fear drive all other emotions. We must recognize it, accept it as a natural part of being human, embrace it, then release it. Feel it, then let it go. We are all being well taken care of. Our courses have been laid out before us and they are ready for our travels. We just need to keep the faith, stay positive, and pray. Be present. Separate the past from the future, living fully in the moment. It’s all there really is. When we dwell on the past and what could have or might have been, we only bring about sadness and depression. When we worry or stress too much about the future, we only bring about anxiety. It’s so important to find joy in the present moment and let the rest fall away.

When your worries consume you and you are yearning for comfort, call on your higher power to help you. Lift up your fears and let them go out into the Universe. Remember that there is a plan beyond the moment of trial. Calm yourself by taking solace in the fact that you do not have to have all of the answers, that everything is going to work out exactly the way that it’s supposed to, and that you are not alone. It is often in hindsight that we realize how each experience played a role in our personal growth and helped to sculpt our lives. Be present in the moment, find joy in the simple things, and enjoy life as it unfolds.

When life tests your boundaries and you are caught off guard, remember to take a step back, a deep breath, and remain calm. Life is full of lessons. Sometimes we’re meant to learn from them and other times we’re meant to teach. Ask yourself “What am I supposed to learn from this lesson?” or “How does the Universe need my help at this very moment?” Do not venture away from the light. The harder the lesson, the more beautiful the outcome. Stay on course and don’t hesitate to ask for directions if you get lost.

Only in hindsight will the miracles become obvious. The plan will become clear. You will see, then, that you were being guided, strengthened. And, you will see that there was a reason to everything and order to the madness all along. One day, when all is said and done, things will make perfect sense. Until then, we’re not meant to understand it all. We’re supposed to keep the faith we’re being guiding us towards a light of love. Along that journey, it’s important that we not give up, that we keep pushing forward, and accept and learn from the lessons that are being shown to us. Every step along the way will bring us to the very place we’re meant to be.

I have learned that some of life’s most beautiful outcomes stem from the most difficult and painful experiences. Have faith in those times of trial. It will be those moments that will become your most precious life lessons. No matter how hard the footwork may be, keep dancing. When all else fails, remember the connection you have with your higher power. You are not alone. Take a deep breath and hold on to the faith that everything is in perfect order. The moment you realize that you are not in control just might be the very moment that you release all stress and worry. Let life take its course, trust in the process, and enjoy the ride.

    The author: Jen Dioguardi