Our Mission

Empowering single mothers and their children through comprehensive programs of mentorship, financial aid, family counseling and entrepreneurial training. Single Moms Planet provides support, accountability, and HOPE.


Our Founders Story

Single Moms Planet was founded by model, tv personality, and television producer Neferteri Plessy. As a divorcee with two young sons from her five-year marriage, she felt firsthand the unique challenges that face single mothers. After her divorce, she struggled like many new single moms to find balance, identity, self-fulfillment, and financial security. Like most single moms, first and foremost among her concerns was her children and how to ensure a happy stable life for them. Neferteri began to research the effects of single motherhood, and through her studies, she learned that over one-third of all children in America are being raised by single mothers.

After searching high and low, much to her disappointment, Neferteri found no organization solely dedicated to empowering, uplifting and educating single mothers. Possessing a vision, passion and having spent a year gathering concerns from single mothers in her life, she launched Single Moms Planet, a nationwide movement designed to educate, empower, and uplift single mothers and their children.

The Single Moms Planet motto from day one has been “Empower a Single Mom, Empower the World!”


Our Single Moms Success Mentorship Program 

To fulfill our mission Single Moms Planet launched an ongoing 3-month mentorship program facilitated by powerful men and women who are living dynamic lives ranging from Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Doctors, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Chefs & TV Executives.

Single Mom Planet was created – to expose these women to a space of creative, limitless opportunity fueled by the powerful healing of the Single Mom Community, making a way for them and their children to thrive and prosper.

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    Thank you for supporting Single Moms Planet! Our community is funded by supporters like you. To help us continue the work we are doing please donate to our cause. Every dollar goes toward us providing programs and services to single moms and their kids. To donate now click here.


  • Hello. I’m a single mother facing hardship. I have a ten year old daughter.
    I have been replaced at my job and denied unemployment. I’m currently looking for work.
    In the meantime I’m behind on bills and facing eviction. I have gone to my local churches and organizations for help and they turned me down. School will be starting soon and I have to keep a roof over my daughter’s head.
    Please please please help us. I have no where else to turn. And we have no place to go. Please help

    • Hello Tamarrah, thank you for reaching out to Single Moms Planet. We are a community support based organization. We provide the following to our members:

      Family Counseling
      Community Events
      Financial Literacy Programs
      Education Scholarships (to those that qualify)

      We are based in Los Angeles, CA. Would you like to be setup with a mom mentor? Mom mentors are great at giving advice on getting back on the right track.

  • Im a single mother. I live alone in logan Utah with my two little boys. they are 5 and 1 years old.
    My family lives in Mexico. I just came to utah. and i want to continue studing. Im an american citizen. So i want to kwnow if you can help me to go back to school. I can´t speak english very good, but a would like to give a better life to my chilkdren.

    • You people are fake as hell. You say you help single mothers but you really don’t. As long as the hardship doesn’t happen to you that’s all that really matters to you people. I’m willing to bet you didn’t bother to help those who faced hurricane Harvey. Selfish bitches

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