Isn’t there some kind of Single Parent’s Day?

It began to hit me yesterday as I was at the museum with my 2-year-old.  And then I really noticed when we got home and saw all the Father’s Day advertisements. We would be alone this year for the second year. Isn’t there some kind of Single Parent’s Day? I do “daddy” tasks like kill spiders, build projects, put nails in stuff.

I pull double duty with our son. My daughter spends the majority of her time with her dad.

Last year I got sick with uterine cancer. During my second operation, HE came back and I let him I was glad to have the help and thought that maybe he changed. Fast forward to last week when police were called to our house… It truly hit me this time. He hadn’t changed. I am faced with the reality that he may never change. But what I do know, is that I have to be mom and dad for our son.

So No kids we are not taking daddy out to breakfast. No, I will not be spending any of my money on him. I did have a conversation with my son about it. I let him know that he is welcome to make his dad something and give it to him whenever he sees him. Although I know that given the current circumstances we won’t be together I will always leave the door open for my son and his father to have a relationship. But the fact still stands, I am doing this alone.

My own father is across the country and I’m wishing we were there for a visit. Happy Father’s Day dad.


So here’s my question to the moms out there playing both roles.

  1. On Father’s Day do you do or give something to your ex in your kid’s name?
  2. Do you do something for yourself, like take you and the kids out?
  3. Or is it just a normal Sunday?

    The author: Jessy Dodd


    • My daughters Dad flaked and made excuses as- we are already prepared to not his typical behavior flakiness get us down!
      So we instead made it a great Mother Dsughter Day I’m teaching my daughter that we are in control of our own happiness and can’t let the shortcomings -lack of follow through of others get us down.
      We had a fabulous day we had mani pedis and an awesome dinner by the beach.
      After that we went Shopping to decorate our new apartment. We had a great day!
      I hope I can teach my daughter that we can’t control other people but we can choose to be happy.
      We had a beautiful day and one thing I think will stay with her is that she will know she can always count on me everyday and always!

      • Thank you for sharing your story with us. Really excited to read that you and your daughter had a great mother-daughter day!! You are 100% right, teaching our children early on that we can’t control the behaviors of others is key. Also not allowing others to control the way we feel is very important as well. Your comments really matter to us.

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