Do You Have Any Help in Raising Your Kids?  As a single parent it can be challenging to raise your kids by supporting them financially, emotionally and physically all by yourself.  It’s emotionally and physically draining to raise your child alone or as a co-parent. Millions of single and divorce parents do this with very little help, and somehow they make it work.

Many single parents use help from relatives, friends and childcare providers to fill in the gaps. Not having any help at all makes it quite difficult to be a single parent.  It does take a village to raise a child. A village for a single parent often includes the following help:

  • Family and friends: Many single parents use grandparents, aunts and uncles and older children to help in raising their children. Family can be less expensive then other childcare providers, and can offer fun, family connections and are often flexible with times they will watch children.
  • School: children spend thirty plus hours in school every week. For this reason many parents depend on teachers, counselors and school staff to ensure that their children are healthy and achieving goals. Many schools provide after school enrichment activities, which can fun, team sports and creativity to a children’s life.
  • Childcare providers: The reality of raising a child as a working single parent is that most will have to send their children to some form of childcare. Childcare can be provided in-home settings or in childcare centers. Both are more likely more structured than family or friends homes, and they may be expensive. The benefit is that most childcare providers are licensed, offer food and have years of experience.

Ten years ago, Hillary Clinton wrote a book called “It Takes A Village” , her message rings truth in the lives of all parents.  Check it out for a great road-map for every parent.

Question: Single Mom whose in your village?  Do You Have Any Help in Raising Your Kids?